Special formula LNBF distance calculate.

Low Noice Block Freqwenzy (LNBF) is the heart of the antenna of satellite . Basically , resonator is a cavity of the satellite signals received from the reflection of focus antenna and processing the signal . Similar to the organ pipe which changed the transmission of energy into electrical signals . A switch state bonds elektonik additional strengthen this signal before being sent to coax cable and turn it into the lower to reduce lost the signals in cable .

To put multiple LNBF C-Band in 1 parabolic antenna is not as difficult as we imagine, there is a table on the create by my friend Axelrose Forsat member.

The point of the calculate the distance between 2 LNBF with LNBF etc is to capture more than 1 satellite in 1 parabolic antenna.

This way is usually used if we did not use motor mover to move the parabolic antenna and will only capture some satellite at any time without changing the direction of the parabolic antenna.

Find out size of a parabolic antenna you first tally to ease its distance and set early satellites for which targets of pointing .
The table below will help you how to determine the distance between the 2 LNB.

    Dish parabolic measurement in centi meters (1 feet = 30,48 cm) :
  • 5 feet = 152,4 cm
  • 6 feet = 182,88 cm
  • 7 feet = 213,36 cm
  • 8 feet = 243,84 cm
  • 9 feet = 274,32 cm
  • 10 feet = 304,80 cm
  • 11 feet = 335,28 cm
  • 12 feet = 365,76 cm
  • 22 feet = 670,56 cm

The language in use in tabular calculations lnbf up using indonesian language. Use translate online for table use of calculations the distance between LNB up here.
And based on experience directly into the trial of a parabolic antenna , the distance that most easy applied to satellites in the range of five degrees , for example the satellite palapa D 113.0°E with telkom 1 108.0°E having a distance of five degrees.


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